Dress up Dolly!

I just stocked such a cute little set at Wonderland!

Dress up your favorite doll as a Mermaid for Halloween.

Also listed are some dress/bloomer sets for 16″-20″ dolls.

So cute!

Stocking at Wonderland: A Holiday Congo

I have a few things listed at Wonderland. This is a congo (group of shops like a mall) with all holiday related merchandise. Over 50 vendors! WOW!

I stocked some really cute Rubber Ducky doll clothes.
Rubber Ducky You're the One!

And a few outfits for the fall and Christmas. Check them out at Wonderland!

This week’s production

I keep meaning to get all organized and start posting things here that I’ve created, and well…the getting organized part isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So, I’ll just start adding photos of things I’ve created 🙂 and go from there! Most end up in one of my stores like here, here, here, or here. See….is it any WONDER I never get a chance to post?

So, after some initial problems early in the week that ended up in a new serger purchase. I created a bunch of diapers and boxers. Here are some highlights:

Sweet Hand-dyed Bandana PRR Diaper. I love this one so much….it’s going to be hard to part with!
Bandana Hand-Dyed Diaper

Sweet Princess Boxer Briefs
Princess Boxers

Teeny Tiny “I Want to Be a Knight” Mosaic Moon Newborn Diaper
Mosaic Moon Newborn Diaper

What babies REALLY think of photo shoots!

I was going through a bunch of shots I took today when a friend was over. She was nice enough to loan me her babies for some diaper shots. Well…….this is what her 18 mo old son thought of the shoot! LOL

What a funny candid!!!
Tell Me
Either that or it was a girly diaper on the manly little fella 😉 hehehe

And look at the newborn deliciousness………..

Mad Sky Custom

Now that I have purchased additional yardage on this (Fabric Fairy and I think Crybabys has some too?) I can show this SNS….I needed to get mine before it all got sold out LOL It’s Mad Sky and organic cotton and just so sweet in person.

A lap t, footed pants, and pilot cap and diaper for babe.

A shirt and boxers for sister. Boxers my own pattern. No front or back. The center panel is done in organic cotton. The shirt is a morph–it’s olivia bodice for the heart parts with modified sleeves and then I just did the bottom part. I was trying to duplicate similar to the “Daisy” in the recent Otto, but for a smaller (98 cm) size.

All together and some nursing pads for mom.

And the diaper! I haven’t made one in months, so it was fun to do 🙂 And I think this is the best my T&T has ever looked…must be all the doll diapers I’ve been making LOL Organic interlock inner and organic fleece soaker.

Can she sew more than a straight line?

I promise I can! After all my plain, but major pointage, SNS for the stash game at Sewing Mamas (which I won btw! GO ME!)…..I bet you all are thinking….CAN that girl actually SEW??? Or is it just straight lines and her serger????

Well, last night I sat down and got WAYYYY outside my comfort zone. I got a Japanese pattern book and wanted to play with it. So, I did! I’ve not even sewn an Ottobre item yet (though I hope to check that off my list THIS week too!).

So, without further blah blah………. I promise the things aren’t actually wonky in real life…bad quick and dirty photos.

12 mos fully reversible Duck Duck Goose.

12 mos jumper, wide leg capri/pants/shorts kinda things and a smock top. I don’t know what kind of treasures a 12 mos old would have for the little pocket….but it’s toooo cute!

And then I made up a few more shirts last night. One was an Ottobre curved raglan, but I didn’t like how it looked on the hanger or the model, so no shot for now. But, then I made this one up. It’s a little Olivia dress very top part of the bodice and part olivia sleeve and the rest just a wing and a prayer. I was trying to make a little girl version of the “Daisy” Ottobre top. Hadn’t finished the hem here as I can’t decide.

Last week of February sewing

55 packs of half dozen 2 layer washies.
Just artsy shots

So I have 47 total packages to take to the show. 3 each. That is 117 yds of flannel sewn up! Stacked upright they cover my big 36×30 cutting mat.

Here are some preliminary photos from the show! It was so dark and the light crummy. Hope to get some better ones tomorrow.

Close-up of the above stuff section 🙂

Hello world!

Well, here it is. The first post. 🙂