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Reusable Trash Bags-
#bag0001 Reusable Trash Bags
We got tired of the recycled plastic sack in the car for storing all the little tidbits of trash one seems to accumulate on the go--receipts, gum wrappers, junk mail--and decided to make a pretty, reusable alternative for our car. I figured that I must not be the only person with this little problem in my car, so I am now making them for your vehicle as well!

Our reusable trash bags features a fun, bright exterior with a snap strap so you can attach it virtually anywhere. The inner is PUL just in case you have something a little wet like a baby wipe or napkin from wiping a spill, but I recommend not putting liquids like a half empty coffee cup into the bag. The bag is approximately 11" deep and 18" circumference. You could also line this with a recycled plastic grocery sack if you wished. The reusable trash bag can be washed and dried on cold and hung to dry.
The snap strap means that you can wrap it around a handle, around a seat back, or gear shift. You might want two! You could also use this handy little bag for corralling out of control car toys. Or, as a caddy for wipes, napkins, and snacks.

OTHER USES! We've had customers purchase these recently for a variety of uses. They aren't JUST for trash! Or just for your car!
  • A knitting caddy--recommended for sitting out on the deck in the lawn chair. Put your yarn in the bag, use the strap to attach to your chair, and knit, knit, knit! It can't get away from you, trampled by kiddos, or snagged on the deck.
  • A stroller bag--great for collecting little bits of treasure along the way or for trash.
  • A diaper station caddy--a place to temporarily stash wet wipes or diaper before taking to the sprayer or pail.
  • In the house--in the bedroom hanging from the nightstand for used tissues.
  • You come up with a use!
You get to let us know what your favorite colors, prints, or things are. We'll match it up with one of our bags and send it off to you!
Want pick your bag out? Have a particular print in mind? Want something to match your vehicle? Need an extra long strap? Larger size? This item can be custom ordered.
30 in stock
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